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This is the OChem Bootcamp

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Structure, Bonding and Nomenclature

Master these topics and everything else in Organic Chemistry becomes much easier.

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Isomers and Stereochemistry

Isomers and Stereochemistry can get rather mind-bending. It definitely pays to have a model set to play with, to explore some of the concepts. The videos in this module rely heavily on showing how the 2D representation of a molecule relates to the 3D molecule itself.

Isomers and Lego!

A look at how isomers are categorized, using... Lego!

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Alkenes and Alkynes

The One Alkene

The one alkene that tests whether you really understand how to assign E or Z configuration.

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Webinar recordings

Webinar 1

Recorded Friday March 8th, 2019. Introductions. Apologies for the technical issues that affected audio and lagging video.

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