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Confused by Organic Chemistry? Worried you might fail?

Organic Chemistry exam panic
  • You need good results in Organic Chemistry to get to where you want to go
  • But, Organic Chemistry is tough - it's even called the 'weed out' course
  • Some Professors even pride themselves on their high failure rates!
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    Sadly, many students give up on their aspirations due to their Organic Chemistry struggles

Hi, I'm Mark Coster. I have 20+ years experience in Organic Chemistry and my mission is to help students achieve Organic Chemistry success and to pursue their dreams.

With the Right Approach, Any Student can Ace Organic Chemistry! 

Yes, it's a bold claim! However, I have witnessed it time and again, and done it myself - approached the right way, Organic Chemistry can be mastered by anyone. The problem is that, normally, the Professor, the textbook and most tutors make everything seem so overwhelming.

With support and the right learning and study strategies, anyone can master Organic Chemistry.

The key is to use the right approaches. To focus on the strategies that lead to deep understanding. And to focus on training for the exam.

Do you Feel Like You Were Left Behind in Week 3?

One of the daunting things about learning Organic Chemistry is that there seems to be so much content, covered so quickly. It's easy to fall behind and not know how to catch up. Does any of this sound familiar:

  • Week 1: "Yawn! This is all stuff I already knew!"
  • Week 2: "Finally, some new material."
  • Week 3: "Wait... Whaa? What language is this?... I am so lost right now..."

From there, it only gets harder to catch up. You turn to the textbook for help, but, if anything, it makes things worse! So. Much. Information. If you're lucky enough to catch the Professor during office hours, you get the same explanation that was used in class. Maybe it makes sense for a while, until you get home and try some problems from the textbook...

The textbook problems are either too straightforward or too difficult. Worse still, there are either no answers or answers with no explanations!

Surely, there must be a better way...

A Guiding Hand

There's no doubt that private tutoring with an experienced and knowledgeable tutor leads to better grades. A good tutor is expert in the material, knows how to spot learning roadblocks and has strategies for overcoming them. A great tutor will go the extra mile, push you to the limits of your understanding and set individual tasks that are designed to get to deep understanding as quickly as possible and help you ace your exams! A great Organic Chemistry tutor should:

  • Give you expert tuition in Organic Chemistry that comes from PhD-level training
  • Have many years experience guiding students just like you, to Organic Chemistry success
  • Drive you to succeed through personalized challenges
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    Give you the best value possible, by thoroughly preparing for every session
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    Be available to you outside of the session hours to support your learning
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    Provide you with materials from tutoring sessions for your revision
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    Help you form strategies to ace the exam

You Don't Just Need a Tutor, You Need a Coach

Looking at the way students are taught and tutored it struck me that things would be much better if an Organic Chemistry tutor acted more like a Sports Coach. Think about it, a Sports Coach working with an athlete:

  • 1
    Looks for the key areas (key concepts) to improve to achieve optimal performance on game day (exam day)
  • 2
    Develops training exercises (practice exercises & problems) to get better in those key areas (key concepts)
  • 3
    Analyzes the competition (the exam) to formulate a game day strategy (exam strategy)
  • 4
    Constantly looks for weak spots in technique (understanding) and ways to improve them
  • 5
    Is available for advice outside training sessions (tutoring sessions)
  • 6
    Is constantly thinking of ways to get the best performance from the athlete (student)

Organic Chemistry Coaching for Outstanding Exam Day Performance

My sole focus and number one goal is to help you get the best result you can possibly achieve in Organic Chemistry, and I have the expertise, experience and tutoring techniques to do so.


PhD in Organic Chemistry from the University of Cambridge and >20 years experience in Organic Chemistry research.


>15 Years teaching and tutoring Organic Chemistry at University level from 1st year to graduate level.


What will be on the exam? I have written them and can help you prepare.

Organic Chemistry Explained - Online Tutoring

  • 1
    Online Tutoring: the convenience of being tutored at home and flexibility in timing. 
  • 2
    Revision Materials: a recording of every session and all written notes are provided for revision at your convenience.
  • 3
    Free Planning Session: every new student receives a free 30 minute planning session to get things started.
  • 4
    Pocket Professor: on-demand Organic Chemistry support on your mobile device, Mac or PC.

Don't just get a Tutor, get an Organic Chemistry Coach!

Pocket Professor

Pocket Professor - On-Demand Organic Chemistry Support

What happens if you get stuck, really stuck, while studying in between sessions? Sometimes, you just need a little nudge in the right direction, to get you back on track. Students who sign up for a block of 4 or more tutoring sessions are invited to a Slack workspace where you can drop me a message any time. Ask a quick question, prepare for your next tutoring session or share your struggles and successes.

It's like having a Professor in your Pocket!

Slack makes it super easy to share attachments, links, photos (eg. a textbook problem or class notes) and works seamlessly on mobile, desktop and tablet.

What to Expect

I use Zoom video-conferencing software. It's easy to use - I simply share a link for you to click and away we go. I screen share whatever I draw on my Surface laptop and you can screen share, send photos of your work, hold paper in front of the webcam, or whatever suits you best! I record every tutoring session and make the video privately available to you, so you can revise anything at a later time. After the tutoring session, I also send you a PDF of all my notes from the session.

Organic Chemistry Help is Here

Act now! The clock is ticking until your exam. The sooner you start getting tutored, the sooner you can get on top of your Organic Chemistry course material. Don't put your future aspirations in jeopardy!


To get things started.


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    30 minute planning session
  • check
    1 hour online tutoring sessions
  • check
    Access to session recording and written notes


Four sessions plus Pocket Professor.


  • check
    30 minute planning session
  • check
    4 x 1 hr online tutoring sessions
  • check
    Session recordings and notes
  • check
    'Pocket Professor' on-demand Org Chem support


Stride into your exam with confidence!


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    30 minute planning session
  • check
    8 x 1 hr tutoring sessions
  • check
    Session recordings and notes
  • check
    'Pocket Professor' on-demand support
  • check
    Customized practice exam
  • check
    Feedback and worked answers to the practice exam

100% Money Back Guarantee

I believe you deserve value-for-money from tutoring and that's why I offer a 30 day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with my tutoring and you feel that it did not help with your organic chemistry studies, simply email me to get a full refund on the ineffective session and any unused sessions remaining from your purchase. Furthermore, if you decide, after the initial 30 minute planning session, that my tutoring is not for you, I'll refund your entire purchase. 

About Me

For more than 15 years, I've been teaching Organic Chemistry to students from 1st year to graduate students at The University of Sydney (2003-7) and Griffith University (2007-18) in Australia. I've been obsessed with organic chemistry for 20+ years, completed my PhD in this area at the University of Cambridge and have taught well over 1,000 undergraduate students. I know what kinds questions you will face and what tricks your Professor will throw into the exam, because I've been writing organic chemistry exam questions for years!

Even More About Me...

"Most helpful lecturer I've ever had."

3rd year Advanced Organic Chemistry student

YouTube Channel

If you'd like to get a better feeling for my tutoring style, here are some videos from my YouTube channel. Also, every new student starts with a 30-minute planning session - if you don't think my tutoring will be useful to you, I will issue a full refund of your purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why are you rates higher than tutor XYZ?

Can I bring a friend? / What about group bookings?

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What is the customized practice exam?

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P.S. If you've come this far and you're still not sure, I get it. I really do! You've never met me. How do you know I'll be able to help you achieve success in your Organic Chemistry Course? I totally understand, and that's why I offer a money-back guarantee. If, after the 30 minute planning session, you don't feel that my tutoring will be a benefit to you, I will happily refund your purchase. I wouldn't have it any other way. I want you to achieve success in your courses.

But, if you're struggling with Organic Chemistry, if you're anxious about passing the course, if you're worried about whether Organic Chemistry is going to block your path to fulfilling your ambitions - please do something now. The sooner you act to get on top of this course, the better your results will be.

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