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Struggling with Organic Chemistry?

Have you tried and tried to understand Organic Chemistry, but it still just doesn't make sense? Organic Chemistry has an undeserved reputation as being tough - some even call it the Weed out course. Surely there must be a better way?..

Why would you want to hire me as your organic chemistry tutor? Good question, and I'm glad you asked! For more than 15 years, I've been teaching Organic Chemistry to students from 1st year to graduate students at The University of Sydney (2003-7) and Griffith University (2007-18). You can read all about me here, but suffice to say that I've been obsessed with organic chemistry for 20+ years, did my PhD in this area at the University of Cambridge and have taught well over 1,000 undergraduate students. I know what kinds questions you will face and what tricks your Professor will throw into the exam, because I've been writing organic chemistry exam questions for years! 

Introductory Session

I find it useful to have a chat first about where you are with your studies, what you'd like to achieve and where you are currently struggling. It's an opportunity for you to get a feel for my tutoring style and for me to get an idea of how to tailor my tutoring to your needs. This first ~ 30 minute session is completely free and you're under no obligation beyond that. Click below for more info about my online tutoring service. I'll also send you a set of PDF templates to help you draw beautiful organic structures, and you'll stay updated with the Organic Chemistry Explained newsletter.

Direct communication

I communicate directly with my students via the online collaboration tool, Slack. After you sign up for your first tutoring session, I'll send you an invitation to a Slack workspace where you can drop me a message any time. Ask a quick question, prepare for a tutoring session or share your successes and struggles. Slack makes it super easy to share attachments, links, photos (eg. a textbook problem or class notes) and works seamlessly on mobile, desktop and tablet.

Pocket Professor

Here are a couple of my recent videos to give you an idea of my tutoring style:

Newman projections

Reaction Mechanisms

Get to your 'Aha!' moment

Turns out, most students study organic chemistry all wrong. To make matters worse, most teaching staff and tutors don't know any better. I can help you get to your 'aha!' moments by working through your course material with you, and showing you the best, scientifically-proven methods to deeply learn Organic Chemistry - and fly through your exams! Even better, these methods are entirely transferable to the rest of your studies.

My Tutoring - What to Expect

I use Zoom video-conferencing software - it's super easy to use - I simply share a link for you to click and away we go. I screen share whatever I draw on my Surface laptop and you can screen share, send photos of your work, hold paper in front of the webcam,.. or whatever suits you best! I record every tutoring session and make the video privately available to you, so you can revise anything at a later time. After the tutoring session, I also send you a PDF of all my notes from the session.

Rates and Bookings

My standard rate is $97 per hour (USD). To start with a free 30 minute introductory session, click here to book an intro session in my calendar.

If you're itching to dive straight into a full-length tutoring session, or you want to book more than one session in advance, click here to book full, 60-minute tutoring sessions.


>20 years' experience in Organic Chemistry teaching and research

Exam preparation

I'll guide you through exam-style questions, explaining how to tackle even the most challenging Organic Chemistry exam questions

The convenience of Online Tutoring

Web-conferencing and screen-sharing software makes it just like being in the same room. You won't even need to leave home!

Fit your schedule

Organic Chemistry is an international language! Via the Web, I can coach students studying anywhere. Do you study outside 'normal' working hours? Great! Timezone differences mean I'm available at times that most other tutors are not.

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