Draw Beautiful Structures Effortlessly

Using ChemPaper for iPad and Paper

ChemPaper → Beautiful Structures

Let’s face it, in Organic Chemistry you draw a lot of hexagons!

And zig-zag (bond-line) structures with the same 120° angles.

ChemPaper help you draw these structures – they guide your hand to create these shapes, without even thinking about it.

By the time you get to your OChem exam, muscle memory has kicked in and you’ll be drawing great structures on your exam paper.

Take Great OChem Notes Directly on iPad

With iPad and Apple Pencil, take beautiful, accurate and well-proportioned notes. Use Notability, GoodNotes or your favorite note-taking or annotation app with Landscape ChemPaper.

ChemPaper on iPad with Notability
ChemPaper on iPad Notability app in Landscape orientation

Write notes and answer questions from your textbook, Professor’s notes, the Web and YouTube – side-by-side using Split View.

Print as Many as You Need

Hard copy hexagonal grid paper for organic chemistry
White and grey background organic chemistry templates

PDF Download – print the ones you want

ChemPaper Testimonials

The templates removed that trouble that I had with drawing the hexagonal structure that I’m sure everyone else has
I could print out as many as I’d like and it’s not stressful like buying a notebook that only had a certain number of pages up to the point that I would have to buy another book.

I like the variation in the templates. The templates can also be printed for my use an unlimited number of times.

The templates removed that trouble that I had with drawing the hexagonal structure that I’m sure everyone else has. I got familiar with the structure up to the point that I was more comfortable with drawing the O Chem structures without the template too.
Jodianne Piniones
U. Texas, San Antonio
These Helped Me Keep My Structures Neat
I printed the templates and used them for notes, studying, and working practice problems.
I myself am not an artist, and these helped me keep my structures neat.
There are several different kinds for whatever I may need to do.
Brittney W.
University of Tulsa

“How do You Draw Chairs, Again?”

Chair cyclohexane - Graph Paper for Organic Chemistry

Chair cyclohexanes are hard to get the hang of!

Let’s face it – chair cyclohexanes are not the easiest shapes to get used to drawing. And then, there’s the axial and equatorial substituents!

Using chair conformation ChemPaper, your hand is guided in drawing perfect chairs and you’ll know exactly how to draw those axial and equatorial substituents.



All Landscape and Portrait Templates


A template to suit every need!

  • All ChemPaper templates in Landscape and Portrait
  • Perfect for iPads
  • Great for printing
  • Hexagonal and Chair grids
  • S, M & L sizes

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Can Your Structures be Better?

Beautiful structures are not only nicer to look at, they also convey meaning more accurately. Don’t risk losing marks at exam time on badly drawn structures!


I’m committed to helping students excel in Organic Chemistry and I believe these templates can help you do just that. I’m so sure of this that I offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.  If you use these templates and find that they did not help you to draw better structures, simply email me to receive a full refund on your purchase of the templates.

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Image credits: @magnolia_med and @caffeineandchemistry