Benznote vs ChemPaper – Review of Hexagon Template Paper for Organic Chemistry

How to Draw Neat Organic Chemistry Structures? There's a lot of students that I talk to who are interested in hexagon graph paper as templates that will help them draw better organic chemistry shapes. Particularly hexagons like for benzene or chair cyclohexanes when you get to chair conformations.

There are two options: 1) Benznote - available online from Amazon. It's a spiral bound notebook that has hexagon grid paper. Or, 2) an option that I've developed, called ChemPaper. My ChemPaper is a set of structure drawing templates in a variety of formats, available from here on my website. I'll look at each of these in turn.

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Chemistry Set

The good-old-fashioned chemistry set. I've loved science, and chemistry in particular, since I was a little boy, and some of my fondest memories are of experimenting with my chemistry set. And now, as a father of three curious little scientists, I've searched for something similar! So, how does the new breed of chemistry set on offer from MEL Science stack up to my cherished memories?..

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Acetals and Ketals – Functional Group Spotlight


Acetals and Ketals have a special place in my OChem-loving heart! Not least because I spent most of my PhD trying to make spiroacetal structures that were part of a natural product called spongistatin. In fact, I like them so much that my last major research project before leaving academia was about trying to synthesize spiroacetals via a new synthetic route. More about that another day! Today, we have another Functional Group Spotlight by MedChemProf, after the popularity of his Amide Functional Group Spotlight. Read on and be sure to have a play with the cool interactive molecules scattered throughout the post!  - Mark

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How to Study Organic Chemistry – A Pre-Med Survival Guide

I'm SO excited by today's post! I've brought onboard McKenna, who runs the gorgeous and hugely popular instagram account @magnolia_med, documenting her pre-med study journey. McKenna shares her secrets for how to study organic chemistry - how she turned a 65 into an A in Organic Chemistry, and her top tips for the ACS final exam!

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Amides – Functional Group Spotlight


Amides are one of the most important functional groups in Organic Chemistry. They're ubiquitous in biology and medicine and understanding their structure and properties is vital to understanding what gives proteins their shapes. Here with a special guest Spotlight on Amides is MedChemProf, an Associate Professor in a School of Pharmacy, with strong interest in modern technology in teaching. Read on and be sure to have a play with the cool interactive molecules scattered throughout the post!  - Mark

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