Practice Naming Alkanes

Want to eat organic nomenclature problems up for breakfast? Let's put the system for naming alkanes to work and revise the process with one big, convoluted molecule - I'm calling it "alkane spaghetti"! 🍝 


An IUPAC name for alkane spaghetti

My previous post aimed to help you become a ninja at naming alkanes, and from there you'll be ready for more complicated structures. Let's practice the system for naming alkanes by tackling a big, multi-substituted alkane. I like to call this one "alkane spaghetti":

Alkane spaghetti

Alkane spaghetti

Practice nomenclature with alkane spaghetti

Click on each tab below, in order, to practice each step and build up the name for this compound. Let's start with finding the parent chain.

Empty plate

Next course...

How did you go? Did you get it all correct, or were there some stumbling blocks? Did you find this style of multi-part, interactive, guided problems useful? Interesting? And,.. for another course, what would you like now that you've conquered alkane spaghetti?

Stereochemistry salad?  🥗
Isomer  ice-cream?  🍨
Chirality chowder?  🤣

I'd love to hear your feedback and suggestions in the comments below!