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Is Organic Chemistry driving you crazy?

Everyone gets stuck while they're studying. Particularly in Organic Chemistry. Sometimes you just need to read a different explanation, watch a video with a fresh perspective or to tackle a new practice problem. Whatever you need, I'm here to help!

Hi, I'm Mark Coster and I love helping students achieve their best in Organic Chemistry, and I'm committed to helping you get there. My site, Organic Chemistry Explained, is all about explaining things in fresh, interactive ways to help you achieve Organic Chemistry success.

With over 20 years experience in Organic Chemistry teaching and research, I can help you get past your roadblocks. I also know what your Professor is likely to ask you in your exam - I've written and marked plenty! To find out more about me, check out the About page.

Get a good sense of Déjà vu when you open your exam paper!

The blog posts you find here combine clear written explanations and diagrams with key concept videos, plus interactive quizzes to help you assess how you're going and cutting-edge, interactive 3D models of key molecules.

Here you'll find clear, easy-to-follow explanations of the Organic Chemistry concepts your Professor wants you to know, and exam-style practice questions, worked answers and in-depth videos explaining how to tackle even the most challenging or Organic Chemistry exam questions. When you get to the exam, you'll feel like you've seen it all before!