Flash Cards for Organic Chemistry

I distinctly remember the turning point in my organic chemistry studies. It was mid-way through my first full Organic Chemistry course. I felt like I was drowning in reactions and mechanisms. There seemed endless! So, I wrote them all out on a large sheet of paper, and stuck it to the back of the toilet door (TMI?). Eventually, after repeatedly seeing all those reactions written out, the patterns emerged and it started to make sense. The good news is that you don't need to re-decorate your water closet to get the same results! Flash cards to the rescue!

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Nomenclature Ninja – Naming Alkanes


Naming organic molecules is... complicated! Or, it can sure seem that way. There's alkynes of rules in organic nomenclature 🙂 What are the most important things to know when naming alkanes? What is a system for naming compounds? And, what is going to be on the exam?

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Carbocation Rearrangements – Explained!

How and why do carbocations rearrange? Professors love to torture, err.. I mean "test" students with exam questions that involve carbocation rearrangements. So, when do carbocation rearrangements occur? It can be confusing to know how to spot what will happen in these reactions, but there's some basic principles that will have you migrating the right hydrides and alkyl groups in no time!

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